What is New Media?

Group Definition (Bram, Saria, Ian)

New Media is a way to convey messages and concepts through different mediums that are constantly evolving, depending on the evolution of technology.

Individual Definition 

New media is a way of conveying ideas and concepts through mediums that are determined by the evolution and continued adaptation of technology in society.

Social media is a technological example of new media. With the creation of social networking websites, people from all corners of the globe can connect and interact, even anonymously. Every person’s voice and opinion can be expressed and viewed by anyone with a device capable of accessing the internet.

 A creative example of new media are mobile applications. Developers are now able to take their own creative ideas and visually bring them to life in an interactive way, to be consumed by the audience.

A unique characteristic of new media is that it’s meant to be interacted with by the audience. Social networking and mobile applications are dynamic and malleable by those who are using them. New media is, in a way, the creation of new mediums that are used to present ideas and concepts in ways that have never existed before.

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