I like to think that a blog is really an ironic diary. Ironic because a diary is meant, by design, to be private for only the author, whereas a blog is designed and often times created to be viewed by the public. Of course, some people own a blog to literally have a digital diary for themselves, but that takes away the full potential of what a blog can accomplish and what it’s designed to do. A blog is typically a webpage of information designed for a specific function, be it; athletics, gaming, social issues, entertainment, etc. Most blogs go even further than that, into subsets of subsets of subsets of information. They can be owned by anyone for all sorts of purposes. Companies can make a blog to give consumers information on new products and updates, celebrities can make blogs to give an inside look into their daily lives.

I’ve owned a central Tumblr for nearly four years and have created many more for projects in high school, although my skills are limited to mostly providing my followers with access to pictures and news of specific television shows and movies. I mean, I’ve written a major post every once in awhile, mostly on topical news that really got my fingers typing, but I think I could definitely benefit from writing articles more consistently.



3 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. alxbal says:

    Well done but I asked for 2 paragraphs maximum. can you reduce this?

  2. alxbal says:

    Great start but very long….I asked for 2 paragraph, can you reduce this?

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