My partner was Saria. She’s from Jordan and picked the New Media program because she thinks that in society today people are looking for new and innovative ways to express their ideas and thoughts and New Media provides this type of expression. She also think that the program will offer her new, untraditional ways of looking at how to market and advertise to consumers, which is the field of work she wants to go into. In this class she expects to learn a lot of computer skills and how to use programs related to the study of media.

My name is Ian and I honestly don’t know what I’m expecting to learn. My perception of the New Media program changes everyday. I’m extremely interested in how society is functioning and changing in today’s internet age and the evolution of technology, most notably consumer technology. My true passion lies in film and storytelling, which I think is the best medium to deliver nuanced messages to society that are not only effective in the short term but can permeate time  by becoming a piece of visual history and in some cases an archetype itself (Star Wars, The Good the Bad and the Ugly, Metropolis, etc). In New Media I hope to gain a better understanding of how new mediums are developed and gain attention in today’s world, and to further my knowledge of how to use the medium of film to the best of my ability.


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