Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

I feel as though I’m very experienced in all areas of the Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy, which have been developed as I grew up with computers. “Remembering” is a skill drilled into my head by an endless number of rudimentary Google searches, word document creations, and endless hours of social networking. Everything else follows like clockwork, with “understanding” becoming second nature, and “applying” being the natural conclusion for anyone who actually wants to get work done on a computer. “Evaluating” and “creating” then became second nature to me as well. With all the other lower order thinking skills behind the higher order ones, it’s incredibly easy to evaluate pretty much everything I come into contact with and learn new skills in creation. I’d like to work on computer programming however, as it’s one of the only computer skills I only have basic knowledge in.

I have an issue with the step of “analyzing” though. Reading through what the step is I’m still having trouble understanding what it is or why it’s a fully formed step. “Analyzing” and “evaluation” are what I believe to be, especially online, to be two halves of the same thing. When I come into contact with information online I fist analyze it then evaluate what I’ve analyzed, they’re essentially both together. The way Bloom described the step is with a bunch of synonyms that didn’t really describe it. I could say that I may be lacking skills in this area since I don’t seem to know what it exactly is, or that I just don’t think it should be a fully formed step.


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