What Makes a Good Blog?

Group: Ian Smyth, Cristian Medeiros, Alejandro Flores

There are many things that make up a good blog and many are very easy to do. A good blog must have a lot of context but it should not be over-worded because the quality of the blog is a lot more important than the quantity. This also means that the blog should be written properly and in paragraph form, rather than one long paragraph. For a blog to be good you need to be able to grab peoples attention and to do that you need to be passionate about what you are speaking about and in turn you will have people interested in your blog.

An added touch to any blog can be to add visuals to further attract readers and get them to read what you had posted. If the blog includes all these elements then it would probably make a good blog. As a group we researched many different types of blogs and decided to compare two photography blogs. One blog was from the Toronto Star (http://thestar.blogs.com/photoblog/) showing many different pictures that cover a wide range of topics. This blog features many eye-catching photos, however these photos are specifically accompanied with context so that readers understand the background information of these pictures. This is a good trait in a picture blog because it adds to the effect the pictures have on people and keeps them interested. The blog shows many different types of subjects varying from sports to disease making the blog very diverse and open to a wide range of audience. The diversity of the blog helps to diversify the audience as well because everyone has different interests they would like to know more about. Overall the blog is very well laid out and is easy to navigate. It shows very well composed images with articles to add context, hence keeping people interested.

When it comes to research, Tumblr is a good example of a bad blog. It consists of many pictures that people reblog but since each user could easily alter the information, it makes it hard to retain the quality and the consistency of the information being spread. Also the lack of restrictions and the considerably large amount of freedom given to Tumblr users make it difficult to filter the content of the blog. This leads to many rudimentary and non-quality based posts by young bloggers. Having said that, generally it may seem that Tumblr may not be a good research blog. However, there are some Tumblr blogs that actually value the quality of the research and giving the credit where it’s due. This is an example of a good research blog: http://nadine-fattaleh.tumblr.com/. The blog specifies a particular interest; being art and demonstrates this interest using different pictures that the user has found intriguing. The pictures are also given credit and are cited. The owner of this blog focuses on quality over quantity and enjoys photographic innovation.

Taking http://jonnysgotaboomboom.tumblr.com/ as an example, the blog displays a large amount of interests. It does not focus on one subject. Although the general aroma of the blog could be distinguished as comedic, a specified interest is not followed through. The blog’s background makes it difficult to focus on each individual picture and it’s difficult to navigate through. Comparing this blog to our first example of a good blog, which is the Toronto star, we can see a huge difference. The Toronto star’s interface can be easily navigated through which makes the research experience more enjoyable and user-friendly. The researcher will want to use The Toronto star again because of its easy accessibility and ease of navigation.

All in all, these two picture-blogs give examples of bad and good blogs. A good blog needs to have different types of visual aid, it needs to focus on a specific topic, and it needs to favor quality vs. quantity. The Toronto star bears these different attributes whereas most Tumblr blogs do not.

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