Self Directed Learning

The article by John Read defines self directed learning as “a change of skills, knowledge and values acquired through self-study, insight and observation.” I love learning in this way, it’s truly one of the only ways I really focus on material. Not only can you learn at your own pace, but you can learn using any number of tools you want. There’s also a greater sense of self accomplishment, I feel, from self directed learning. You chose to set a goal and learn something new, and once it’s been learnt you have something to show for it, which feels good. I self learn all the time, and it’s the way I teach myself new things. I learnt to make websites from searching how to do it, and I learnt to make films and edit from picking up the camera and testing out the functions.

I think a way I could improve on self learning is to try to learn more things outside of my interests zone. Any kind of additional knowledge and experience is useful in life, but if I always learn new things within the same content area, I’ll never really open myself up to learning other things. A goal I’ve wanted to fulfil for awhile was to self learn college level math and physics on my own after high school, as I think that being able to solve complex logic problems are not only good for my brain, but can also come in handy for numerous reasons one day.

Read, John M. “Developing Self-Directed Learning.” Research and Practice in Human Resource Management. Curtin University of Technology, 2001. Web. 13 Oct. 2013.

Chee, Tan Seng, Shanti Divaharan, Lynde Tan, and Cheah Horn Mun. Self-Directed Learning With ICT. Singapore: Ministry of Education, 2011. PDF.

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