Discussion Reflection (Oct. 4)

In the class discussion on October 4th we talked about what it means to have a digital footprint. For practitioners breaking into the media industry, and anybody for that matter, it’s become increasingly important to leave a proper digital footprint. A digital footprint is the impression you leave online, particularly on social networking websites. Anything you post online can be seen by mostly everybody who’s looking for you on search engines. Most of these websites are not meant to be private, hence the point of social interaction. This means anytime you make a comment or post content online, it can easily be accessed by anybody and most likely will never be fully deleted. This makes your digital footprint a mark that can’t be erased, which is why it’s so important to make sure your mark is flattering from the start, instead of deprecating yourself.

We should be using techniques to ensure what social networks come up first on internet searches and what content can be seen by the public. We should also be uploading portfolios of our work online. If anyone in the world can see what we post, why not make what we post be content that not only demonstrates our skills but can help us connect with future employers and people who have similar interests.


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