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New Media Research

As a beginning new media practitioner, there are some skills I have already and some I will need to work on. Currently, I am most skillful in envisioning and design. I believe that I can create a fantastic design and model of something in my head, whether it’s the angles used in a film or the design of a piece of technology I’d like to see built. I’m huge on aesthetics and visuals, especially cinematography. Academically, I have skills in mathematics and natural sciences (physics), specifically quantum physics, which I find extremely interesting.

However, I also have a lot to work on to be a true new media practitioner. I want to be able to take the designs and visuals in my head and turn them into physical models. In order to do that I know I have to have a good understanding in computer programming as well as hardware engineering. I feel that I need to expand my knowledge scientifically, or else I’ll really just be someone with a lot of thoughts in their head and nothing to truly show for it.

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