After watching the video and reading the article, I’ve come to define tinkering as a curious type of thought process that’s based on imagination and exploring. In a way, we tinker with every situation we come face to face with. When deciding something, we review possible outcomes (or at least we should) and tinker with the notion of what the decision could be. Artists tinker with their imagination and project at hand; filmmakers try different camera angles, writers try different perspectives and vocabulary, painters try different colours. Tinkering is all about imperfection and creating something beautiful out of it.

I’m not one to like to tinker very much. I usually go into a project with a specific idea and outcome in mind. Of course, to reach that point I had to tinker in my head. That’s where the majority of it goes on, I love to analyze and tinker mentally but when it comes to the physical world I like to have a clear plan and follow it. When I film, I think of all the camera angles mentally and execute them physically, but I rarely try out different ones in the moment (because I should have already gone over them in my head and why they wouldn’t work). However, I believe tinkering is important in projects and can lead to a better outcome sometimes. Occasionally, an artist can get caught up in their own mind and realize their work really isn’t that great, something tinkering could shine light on.


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