Problem Solving

When faced with a problem, the first and foremost step I take is to ask why; why is this problem happening, where is it coming from, what’s the root of it? Finding the root of a problem is essential to not only solving it, but ensuring similar problems never happen again. Once I’ve found the root I lay out options on how to proceed; how can I fix this issue? Sometimes it’s as easy as one option, and sometimes there are multiple options. To fix the issue, I pick the option I think is the best and I apply it to the situation.

The issue I have, especially when it comes to personal problems between me and people, is that I have trouble deciding on an option to pick. My indecisiveness has lent itself to creating friction particularly in friendships and relationships. When choosing major decisions (which I look at as problem solving), I tend to pick an option than immediately doubt it. Rarely have I felt one hundred percent sure when deciding something. If I could improve on my problem solving skills it would be to pick an option that has the more pros compared to cons and stick with it through, rather than doubt myself and fall back on another option.


One thought on “Problem Solving

  1. alxbal says:

    Always cite your sources!

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